If you want to label us…we’re a team of marketers, experience designers and technologists who build lasting digital impressions. We make audiences want to get to know you a whole lot better at the times and places that matter.



Campaigns + Conversations

We tap into audiences and cultural context to create meaningful and actionable campaigns. We also help spark and grow the right conversations in the right channels.


Media + Business Platforms

We’ve got a long history of designing and building media sites, digital magazines, online retail platforms and intranets that people love to experience. We balance the need to innovate with the need to create revenue.


Mobile + Emerging Devices

One of our primary strengths is mobile design and development. Our expertise extends from building mobile websites and advertising for tablets, connected televisions and gaming consoles.


At the heart of our work is the digital artifact we make for you. Because we believe that at the core of every brand experience there must be something tangible — an object, an event, a conversation — that sparks deeper engagement. We make digital experiences real.

What makes a great artifact?

  • Memorable: Leaves a lasting impression with a compelling story.

  • Share-able: So enjoyable that it’s passed on from person to person. Community to community.

  • Sustainable: Long-lasting. Stands the test of time and short-attention spans. Strengthens the brand for the long term.

  • Pleasurable: Appeals to the senses and evokes a range of emotions.


Agencies we’ve worked with…

Team Leads

George Johnson

George Johnson

Creative Director

Foodie. Culture Geek. Music-obsessed. Furniture nut. Design freak. Closet culture theory fan.

Robert Haverly

Robert Haverly

Design Director

I like UX, IxD and UI design, cognitive psychology, human behavior, mobile applications, visual arts, weird music, and climbing.

a few words from clients…

This project required the right mix of digital production skills across several touch points and a partner who could contribute some of their own ideas to help us realize this thing, said Will McGinness. Artifact was a great partner.

We’re thrilled with what Artifact did with us, especially under extreme time constraints.  They’re a reliable and effective production partner and a new clutch player in digital development and production. Lee Einhorn

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